The development of management and monitoring of protected natural areas, especially Natura 2000 sites

Environmental studies

The experience gained by our team members gives us a better position in your strategy

Web Development

We offer web development services on a variety of platforms and frameworks known worldwide


Multidimension - research and development

MULTIDIMENSION is a research, development and consultancy company that covers web development services, hardware distribution and environmental research. With over 10 years experience our team has been extended to include experts in the fields we are providing services. The technology and the technical capacity we dispose of, assures our performance and our high quality results, while our flexibility give us the opportunity to provide services at both a national and international level.

Our purpose is helping our clients to develop in link with their market dynamics, through professional solutions,  which are also optimal and easy to implement. We offer our clients the ability of improving their own performance, their online presence and the ability to handle risk management, transforming every opportunity into a financial advantage.

The services we offer are in line with international standards, and in achieving that MULTIDIMENSION has implemented and is maintaining an Integrated Management System concerning quality, as required by SR EN ISO 9001/2008.

"We were referred to Darius at Multidimension by the Developers at RDVU. From day 1 Darius has been excellent to work with. AR Digital being a start up company has had its fair share of road bumps slowing us down however Darius has been offered honest and professional advice every step of the way. The guys at MULTIDIMENSION have become an indispensable part of our business. Their work is clean, professional and delivers on modern up to date platforms. Would not hesitate recommending Multidimension in the future. Thanks for the support, look forward to a long and successful partnership."


"The Brandixit team kindly recommends the services provided by the Multidimension developers, who work with incredible professionalism and seriousness! Our website would not have looked and worked that well without their help! We are grateful for their efforts and we encourage those who need a presentation website, an online store, a web portal, a news website or a blog to resort to them, with trust!"

Echipa Brandixit

"I have been working with Darius and his team for over two years. Darius is realistic, reliable and sincere. The primary reason that I work with Multidimension exclusively is trust. If I don’t have trust with my team then my customers don’t have trust in me. There are inherently issues with software development, but so long as trust is maintained customers are happy and loyal. Actions speak louder than words so my dedicated reliance on Multidimension conveys continual satisfaction."

Reuben Disrupt

"Always an excellent service, great communication and a professional, timely job undertaken for us. We highly recommend this company."

Carol SolarGameStore

"Darius, is a one of the best developers we have worked since many years. His knowledge of the subject (magento development) was far beyond our expectations and helped us solve very difficult problems. His is fast and will offer the "extra mile" if needed and was always fair in charging. I will highly suggest him to anyone that needs a professional magento developer."

Konstantinos Silipsis

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