Feasibility Studies

The concept of feasibility study entails a complex marketing, commercial, technical and financial management of an investment objective, viewed as a dynamic and open production and marketing of goods, services and employees factors (human resources capital, energy and material resources, etc.), specifying the defining legal issues taking place on a given time horizon, taking into account the risk factors and uncertainties. Our team is specialized in this type of consulting and has recognized experience in performing these types of studies.

Environmental Authorisations

We are certified by the Environment Ministry for the preparation of documentation required to obtain environmental authorisations for different types of activities, plans or programs:
  • Environmental Approval
  • Environmental Agreement
  • Environmental Permit
  • Integrated Environmental Authorisation
  • Natura 2000 Approval
  • Approval for plans and programs (within Strategic Environmental Assessment Procedure – SEA)

Environment Consulting

MULTIDIMENSION is a specialized company which focuses on research and consultancy in the field of ecology and environmental protection and the transfer of expertise from national experts, personalities of the scientific community in the field of ecology, environmental protection (with extensive experience in research in the field) and users of advanced knowledge involved in the management of protected natural areas and natural resources.

Environment studies

Our company is registerd with the Register of developers for environmental impact studies (position 434) and it can elaborate environment impact studies for different activities, in order to obtain administrative papers required by the Environment Protection Agencies
We are authorized to carry out the following impact studies:

Environment Report (RM)
Environment Impact Report (RIM) Environment Balance (BM)
Emplacement Report(RA)
Appropriate Assessment (EA)
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