The ISO 14060 family of standards is used to quantify, monitor, report and validate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and emissions to support sustainable development through a low-carbon economy. Using the ISO 14060 family involves:

– improving the integrity of the environment by quantifying greenhouse gas emissions;

– improving the credibility, monitoring, reporting and validation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG);

– facilitating the development and implementation of strategies and plans for the management of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG);

– facilitating the ability to track performance and progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).(International Standard ISO14067, First Edition 2018-08).

The ISO 14060 family of standards can be applied in:

1. A company’s decisions to identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as well as to increase profitability by reducing energy consumption;

2. Carbon risk management, by identifying and managing risks and opportunities;

3. Voluntary initiatives, such as participation in the creation of a voluntary registers for reporting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG);

4. GHG markets, such as the buying and selling of GHG allowances or credits;

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