In the Tarcu Mountains, a pen appeared recently. It is not a game of words, but the space that WWF-Romania prepares for the reintroduction of the european bison in the area, in a regime of semi-freedom and, subsequently, of complete freedom. Armeniș Commune from Caraș-Severin will be the first host of specimens of bison (Bison bonasus) coming from several European countries, following which, in a few years, it will live as an integrated wild species. The release of wisents in specially designed spaces (photo) will take place this year, in May and is part of the Rewilding Europe program – a unique initiative in Europe of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) alongside Wild Wonders of Europe, Ark Nature and Conservation Capital. The program intends to have one million hectares of land abandoned temporarily or permanently or simply unused today, to be restored to wildlife Of the five model areas chosen, two – the Danube Delta and the Southern Carpathians – are on the territory of Romania.