The bison is back in Caras Serverin

In Ţarcu Mountains was recently established a pen. It’s not a pun, but the space that WWF-Romania is preparing to reintroduce bison in,  in a semi-freedom regime and subsequently to complete freedom. Armeniş village in Caras-Severin will be the first host for a few individuals of  bison (Bison bonasus) coming from several European countries.

The release of this species  will take place this year in May and it will be a part of Rewilding Europe – a unique initiative in Europe made possible by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) along with Wild Wonders of Europe, Ark Nature and Conservation Capital. The program aims to convert a million hectares of land temporarily or permanently abandoned or simply not used to a wildlife area. Of the five pilot areas chosen, two – The Danube Delta and Carpathians – arelocated in Romania.